We answer several common questions on this page. The Q&A relates to both cruises and our agency.

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American Safari Cruises - Yachatalist
Avalon Waterways - Specialist
Azamara Club Cruises - Five Star Agent
Bermuda Board of Tourism - Bermuda Specialist
Carnival - Bachelors of Fun
Cayman Islands - Dive & Nature Master Specialist
Cayman Islands - Master Specialist Family Travel
Celebrity - Five Star Agent
Costa - Training Academy Graduate
Cunard - Commodore
Disney - College of Disney Knowledge Graduate
InnerSea Discoveries - Adventurist
Norwegian Cruise Line - Freestyle Certified
Oceania Cruise Specilist
Princess - Commodore
Regent Seven Seas Univerity Graduate
Royal Caribbean - University of WOW Expert Plus
Saint Lucia Specialist Graduate
SNG Certified Accessible Travel Advocate TM
Universal Studios Florida Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do I Book a cruise?
  2. Where can I find a list of agency fees (if applicable)?
  3. Why doesn't my cruise have the lowest rate available?
  4. Who is the best cruise line?
  5. What is it like to cruise?
  6. When are payments due for my cruise?

How do I Book a cruise?

  • To book a cruise, it is best to call us at 713-429-1487, or you may text a message with your call back number to 469-648-0571. Alternatively you can download the booking request form and email or fax it to us. Our fax is 281-946-5113.
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Where can I find a list of agency fees (as applicable)?

  • Our Agency Fees are located on this document. We do reserve the right to waive fees at our discretion.
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Why doesn't my cruise have the lowest rate available?

  • When looking at advertisements that include multiple cruise date, the advertisement offers the lowest possible rate for any of the dates. Thus, if you have chosen any other date, other rates may apply. Also, depending on how full the ship you want to sail is at the time you seek a quote, the rates may be going up as the ship fills up. Generally the closer to cruise time, other than for sailings which are not selling well, the rates will go up steadily from opening for sale until all cabins are sold out. You will also likely run into a situation where choice cabins are gone from inventory the closer to the cruise date you wait to book.
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Who is the best cruise line?

  • Ah, an interesting question. What is best for me may not be best for you and probably is not best for my neighbors. That is exactly why we provide the professional services we do, where we can help match your desired cruise experience to the right ship and cruise line. If you are considering a cruise perhaps picking a destination you want to see is your best best and then based on who you have going and what you want to do we can match you with a good ship and sailing. Of course pricing can factor in and is considered as we assist you in selecting the best cruise for your family.
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What is it like to cruise?

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When are payments due for my cruise?

  • Each cruise line has their own set of policies. Additionally, special bargain fares, special sales promotions, and holiday time cruises can all affect the time line for deposits and final payments. Typically interim payments are not required, however many people make them in order to budget for the cruise over a longer time period. (We can set you up on a payment plan when you book to ensure when final payments come due, the cruise is paid in full.)
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