Cruise Specials

This is the page with all the hot deals. Actually here we highlight some and send you to additional pages where more details are listed about the specials we have available at this time. It is worth bookmarking this page and checking it periodically to make sure you don't miss a good deal!

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About Cruise Specials

Cruise specials come along frequently. However not all specials are created equally. Some are truly don't miss deals and others are intended to just generate bookings at a particular time, although those tend to provide some incentives making it worth the effort to jump.

Many specials are for new bookings only, so if you are already booked you generally are unable to take advantage of the special fare or perk. Further, the specials even when used for a new booking may not be combinable with certain other discounts to which you may be eligible.


What Kind of Specials can we find here?

Sales - These specials are where you can actually save money on your cruise cabins. These sometimes happen well in advance of the cruise, but most often are reserved for sailings in the very near future. Some of the deals types do overlap.

Weekly Specials - Several lines offer specials each week. Typically these deals are for cruises in the upcoming 2-3 months as the cruise line wants to get the ship full. Empty cabins don't generate any revenue thus last minute deals can help preserve some revenue that the cruise lines would otherwise miss.

Luxury Specials - The true luxury lines put out specials at various times. Often they are to fill up ships near to the cruise time. In these deals often you can end up with a combination of both freebies while aboard and a discount. Sometimes you get upgraded air to and from the ship. Specials for luxury ships may be one of the best ways to experience a luxury line for the first time. Once you go there you will likely be hooked.

Free OBC - This is a perk offered with some limited time booking specials. Usually, this perk takes the place of a discount, however if you net out your total cost for the cruise, you will find receiving the on board credit is a nice special.

Free Extras (spa treatments, specialty dinners, or other onboard items) - These specials occur when we are able to offer special perks with bookings. Usually this is a special arrangement between our agency and a particular line, however in some cases it is a special a cruise line is offering to all who book.


Don't forget to consider your travel insurance as you pick a special.